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If you are looking for a great, supportive Android application developing team then, look no further. Aqualeaf has served customers from all over the globe. Our apps are designed to meet high end requirements, provide the best user experience at an affordable rate. Take a look at our featured Android apps. All apps are picked by our highly selective editorial team for the best design and development procedure.

Creating an awesome Android application takes time, tears and effort. Aqualeaf team is ready to take your creative ideas and turn them into a user friendly Android app.


Aqualeaf has been a reputable company for IOS application development. Since March 2008, Apple has opened the doors for developers to create mobile application software for the iPhone operating system. Since then, Aqualeaf developers team is working to create the best IOS apps for its clients. We have served many businesses in expanding their business through IOS application development.

Market is filled with hundreds of IOS applications designed to fulfill every demand from business requirements to entertainment needs. Aqualeaf team is here to develop personalized iPhone apps for your specific requirements. It is easy, great & cost-effective.


Personalized windows apps for mobile phones & smart phones are a good way to increase your productivity. Windows applications can be designed in a creative way just for your business requirements. It is the most used mobile platform as it is user friendly, and comes with an easy-to-use interface. Our experts are trained in designing windows application on the following platforms:

  • Windows mobile 2003
  • Windows CE
  • Pocket PC 200
  • Windows mobile 7.0
  • Windows mobile 8.0
  • Windows mobile 8.1
  • And, all the latest Windows versions!

Aqualeaf provides cost-effective solutions for all client requirements. Get the best quality, personalized just for you!