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Effective project management applications are based on a model which manages the organizational structure, team structure, regular tasks, team members, communication, and reports. These software are proved to be much helpful at work place while saving time and energy. It helps in fine tuning the project details and improves team efficieny.

At Aqualeaf, our team takes your requirement seriously. We will understand your business objectives, and deliver a quality project management app based on your requirements. This app will become your assistant in day to day tasks while, playing its part in the growth of your business.


Business system apps are designed to be integrated into your business system. These apps are used to attain certain business objectives. Each business system comes with a set of benefits & disadvantages. So, it requires careful thought, to choose the best business system application for you requirements. A business system application can become a great helping hand if, you understand, where do you need to make improvements.

Aqualeaf team members will discuss your business with you to understand your business requirements. Once, the task is finalized, we will start creating your customized business system application.


Enterprise Resource Solutions facilitates you with the accurate information flow and lets you see the big picture. Today, businesses have a complex structure. From data management to customer services, and production to selling, business management requires great work. It involves different technological methods, information flow systems, production operations and customer friendly interfce. Enterprise Resource Solutions help you make better decisions while giving you clear information about the business status.

ERP solutions can benefit any business related to any industry. Aqualeaf helps you integrate the best ERP solution with the whole business system. It will not only save you time but, you will see new ways & means to market your business.


Aqualeaf provides a complete set of database management apps to help you manage and mobilize information according to your requirements. Database management apps are a must requirement for modern business owners. Data is the primary asset for any company as major decisions are involved with the accuracy and availablity of data.

Aqualeaf database management applications helps you in solving many challenges including:

  • Business Transactions
  • Decision making
  • Analysis & critical thinking
  • Data warehousing

Aqualeaf database management solutions will prove to be fast, efficient, and reliable. Best for remote business environments.


Data management becomes an important issue when your business is making steady growth. You have more employees, more customers and more data management stuff. This is where the Customer Relationship Management app comes into play. It is a multi-purpose app and it is divided in a few categories. Some categories deal with only communication i.e. Outlook, and gmail. Others deal with conversation, leads and multi-purpose requirements. Aqualeaf has created a number of CRM apps for its clients. Browse through our portfolio to view some examples. Customizes CRM apps can play a serious role for increasing your business. Make sure that you choose the right one because this decision might be worth thousands of dollars.


Welcome to Aqualeaf Sales Force Management Apps! At Aqualeaf we are passionate about bringinig results for your business and this app let us do the same. Sales force management app is used to enhance business growth, increase sales, and dramatically improve the business situation. Aqualeaf custom designed apps lets you create an amazing shopping experience for your visitors.

Now, you can stay anywhere on the globe. This application will handle all requirements. At the end, you will receive the report displaying all the sales and net profit. It is simple, easy and cost-effective.