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One of the best ways to design a website is fully responsive designing. In simple terms, responsive web-design looks great on every device from smartphone to smart TV. Fully responsive web design service is in huge demand. A responsive web design ensures that your website will appear its best on all sorts of devices.

One website can be fully responsive on the desktop computer but, it may not be fully responsive with the tablet version. Most internet users will use their mobile phone for internet surfing. According to a survey, 47% internet searches are made through mobile phones and theses numbers will increase in 2015. it is important that your website should be fully functional on all devices.

This step requires website optimization and we are here to help you. At Aqualeaf, you can find the best deal at affordable rates. Fully responsive website requires multiple pages, multiple designs and different templates to work successfully on all devices. It requires a complete change in the website theme template. But, it ensures that your website will give a quality user experience for upcoming years.


HTML5 is the new & improved version for the old Hyper Text Markup Language. It is important to present your content consistently on all kinds of web devices and browsers. This improved version is somehow a member of mobile applications family. It ensures a cool content display on all devices like PC, tablet, and smart phones. HTML5 design has some specific benefits related to business industry. This cost-effective technology helps you improve rankings in Google organic results. It is a multi-platform development tool and hence reduces the costs of development and maintenance.

HTML5 improves rankings when Search Engine results pages are calculated. HTML5 gives the capability of storing offline web pages. All the saved content can be viewed through offline application cache. It is a huge advantage for the publishing industry. At Aqualeaf, our experts are ready to give you the best HTML5 design. HTML5 improves user experience resulting in more traffic, improved rankings, and more business revenue. It resonates with our business empowerment goals to give the best user experience through your website. The key to succeeding online is user engagement and the HTML5 design helps you do the same.


WordPress Content Management System is the best website platform ever presented online. There is no doubt about it. With thousands of plugins and templates, you can create any design that you may desire. It is cost-effective, quickly and simply awesome. Some of the most famous businesses have used this open source program to create stunning websites. A few names include CNN, Forbes, New York Times, eBay, and Samsung.

Aqualeaf team is passionate about turning your ideas into reality. Our team is dedicated to create the future of WordPress. Here at Aqualeaf, you can ask for any WP service like custom themes, plugins and applications.


Theme creation is an art but, it comes with specific scientific rules. Most people will agree that the website theme is the most important part for any website. A great number of themes are developed in WordPress but, there are other good platforms available such as liferay, drupal, magento, and genesis. Our theme creation experts are ready to develop themes for any platform as per your requirements. Give us your ideas and we will turn it into reality.

Aqualeaf designs themes for your requirements. It means that you will get the best optimized theme at the best cost.


So, you are worried about your website design. You started the business 5 years ago but, now, the design seems boring and it is not optimized at all. No worries! Aqualeaf team is here to help you with this problem. Our team knows exactly what to do in this situation. Just give us the idea and we will give the fresh new look for your website.

There are two important aspects for any online business i.e. website appearance and SEO. Your old website might have a perfect SEO strategy but, it might not give a cool user experience. Our web-design projects are customer oriented. The new website is designed just for your requirements at a cool price.

Ecommerce Design

E-commerce websites have a specific strategy. They are designed for selling products. It is important that the website is designed to attract visitors and increase conversion rate. Aqualeaf has a number of solutions for this task.

We are an experienced team of e-commerce design developers. You can get all services related to shopping cart development, e-commerce website design and online stores.

Aqualeaf works hard to create a customized ecommerce design for your specific requirements. Our goal is to increase your business revenue. (Sorry for sharing the secret). Our e-commerce designs are developed to give you the best business growth and return on investment.